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Intense Hip Pain When Squatting

Hi, wondering if any1 had any ideas as to what is up with my body, When i get to parallel or deeper i get an intense pain in both of my hips, as such my squat numbers have halved, irritating as my quads, ass,back and hammys are strong enough but the pain is stoping me, been foam rolling and doing mobility drills, but doesnt seem to be helping, could i have over used them? thanks alot.

i’ve had similar problems… it happens when i go really heavy…

internally rotation mobility work for my hip helps alot.


it hurts when i do bodyweight squats, its really fkin me off. Ill try that though, thanks.

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I had a similar problem. From my experience glute activation really helped (clam shells, glute bridges etc), making sure I was locking out on deadlifts and I switched to front squats for a while after completely resting legs for a week or so.

I found that putting more focus on stretching in general helped and the following technique really felt good if nothing else:

You could say I approached the problem in a completely unscientific way but whatever man it helped.