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Intense Enough?

Hey Im injured (strained psoas muscles and hip adductors) so can only do a few upper body exercises. Do you think theres enough volume here for growth?

Working out 2 days in three:

Day 1:
Bench Press 6x5
Close Grip Press 6x5
Seated Military Press 6x5
Lateral Raises 3x12-15
Chins 3x10
Bicep Curls 3x10

Day 2:
Bench Press 3x10
Close Grip Press 3x10
Seated Military Press 3x10
Lateral Raises 3x12-15
Chins 6x5
Bicep Curls 6x5

Day 3: Off

Start again day 4.

Basically lifting heavy back + bis one day and heavy chest + tris the next.
Any input would be awesome!

With a set up like that you’re likely to get injured again,there is a large imbalance:

Day 1: Pushing 12sets, 60 total reps Pulling 3 sets, 30 total reps
Day 2: Pushing 6sets, 60 total reps Pulling 6sets, 30 total reps

You need more pulling; try adding low pulley rows / DB row / chest supported row / face pulls / BB rows / any horizontal pull type exercise you can do with your current injury. I’d aim to do more for the pulling than the push for a while at least, then balance them.

Stay strong!