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Intense Cardio Recovery


Hi, I'm a 25 year old amateur soccer player in the UK (to near semi-pro level), while I'm also very much into lifting and nutrition. I'm seeking advice regarding recovery from intense soccer training, which consists of a 90 minute session, twice per week.

My problem is not concerned with glycogen recovery, but more to do with subtle cold like symtoms the next day and generally feeling tired. I'm currently performing two weights sessions per week in addition to soccer training, which seems sufficient for me to maintain my strength and mass built up in the close season.

My body feels great after weight training, but I don't feel like this after really intense soccer training, and the following day. Physically I have a sprinters physique, so I'm build for speed and power, not ideal for long distance work.

From the symtoms I have, I'm guessing that the cardio is surpressing my immune system (and possibly T Levels and my CNS?).

Any advice concerning why I'm feeling like this following training, plus any nutritional and supplement advice would be much appreciated.

I currently supplement with Low-Carb Grow!, Vit C, Flax, Fish Oil.


Like Chad has stated nothing will help aid recovery like 10 hours a night of sleep.

Other than that I would look at diet and proper Hydration. All that running will require a Lot of water as well as electrolytes. salt potassium etc.

Another great addition may be Power Drive to help aid in your CNS recovery.

Im still leaning towards enough water and electrolytes, carbs, all other nutrients and SLEEP/relaxation. You may also look into ZMA as you may have be deficient.

Hope all that blabber helps,



I second what Phill said.

I had similar training issues as you, esp on weekends where a Saturday workout was a 12-26 mile run and Sunday workout was a 75-112 mile cycle.

During Games/Practice:
I currently use Gatorade Endurance Formula and add free aminos into it @ about 5-7g aminos p/ 20 grams of carbohydrates.

Immediately Following Practice:
I currently use a full serving of Surge and Power Drive.* If you can afford it, and I highly suggest this, 1 more full serving of Surge about an hour after the previous Surge.

*Dave Barr has suggested that this may not be the best approach due to competitive inhibition of the L-Tyrosine in Power Drive.

Also... it is possible that you might need to add some good carbs before bed and mid-sleep. On extreme days I will consume a lot of water with my pre-bed meal (2 scoops Low-Carb Grow! + 2 tbsp Olive Oil) as well as add an Orange or high fiber fruit. Midway trough through my sleep I will consume another "pre-bed" meal (replace Olive Oil w/ Flax Oil) at the time of the inevitable piss (from all that water).

The above was a straight suggestion of Dave Barr and has worked beautifully for recovery.