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Intense Brain Fog Dropping from 270 to 200mg/Week

Hey guys thank you for reading my post.

i’ve been coming down for the past 7 years of trt from 400 (3 years ago) wich is not (trt) to my lowest being 270 (for the last year)…i’ve tried 250 for 3 weeks and went crazy anxious and overwhelmed avout everything ahead. so i went right back to 270. but with 270 i have severe ankle edema and my face is huge and i sleep like shit !

but now since there is a shortage of enanthate in my country i got given testosterone depot (cypionate) and i figured well… my body will react more to this ester since it dosen’t know it so i beter use that moment to do it now !
(i might be wrong).

10-12 days after starting this new test i started feeling brainfog and a weird feeling of blunting of emotions… i took 1/4 of an aromasin and it went away for 1 days and it came back. ive been from 10 to 30% brain fog since then and in the last 4 days (now 3 weeks in the new test&dosage) it has been 50% and the feeling feels like it has transformed… much like everything is overwhelming and have a hard time concentrating and imagining stuff and when i think about tasks to do ahead it scares me i almost feel like im drunk slightly and its really fucking scary. on the positive side ive lost 10 pounds of water and my edema is 90% gone i sleep a lot better and my girlfriend tells me i got my jawline back to almost when we’ve known eachother i got also good libido so thats that… lol.

people on another post told me i might be alergic to this new test and i agree it might be the case but i have no other option right now but that and androgel ED… but me personaly i think my receptors feel there is been such a drastic drop in test they think im low test and give me the low test brain fog for as long as its going to take to reajust to the new dosage feels like when i tried to drop 20mg in the past but 10 times harsher…also i could be suspecting high hematocrit ive had blurry vision a couple times so i booked an apointment to go give blood if it helps it helps… we’l see

what do you guys think ? thanks you for reading such a long post lol i really need some help

People can experience weird symptoms while waiting for their body to reach a steady state when making changes to a protocol. I know for me, going up is always worse than going down and takes a few weeks to get back to normalish.

I probably wouldn’t donate without actually seeing your levels. But that’s just me

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Enanthate has a 7-9 day half life, which I believe is also it’s effective life. Cypionate has a 3.5-4.5 day half life, but a 6-8 day effective life. This makes them considered interchangeable, generally speaking. However, many people “Feel” Enanthate more, much like they “Feel” IM injections more than sub-Q. So, you clearly had a swing in horomnes coming down, which gave you a lovely E2 bloat temporarily. As your levels settle down you will level out, the bloat (As you have noticed) goes away, you get used to lower levels. It is not going to feel the same as 400mg, or no one would ever bother using 400mg to blast. You might consider changing to two injections a week on Cypionate, it will keep you on a flatter level of hormones while you adjust.

i didin’t get a bloat i had it for years when i started cyp i didin’t gain anything i came down 10 pounds slowly after starting cyp and also i inject EOD with backfilled slin needles. im really having a panic atack right now as im writing this i think about puting back like 250…i cant live like this this is hell… how long you think it would take to go away if i get back on 250 ?

It is fairly individual. I suspect that your E2 ratio is just whacked, and your body is used to an artificial one. Your ability to aromatise E2 doesn’t really keep up with 400mg a week, so you are used to having a lot more test in relation to your E2. I am basing that on the edema you reported, but I suspect blood work would back me up. It could be a few weeks minimum, which would mean a gradual decrease might be a lot easier on you. Seeing as you are having the issues on EOD injections, my thinking changes slightly. Were you EOD on the 400mg?

i was 400 2 years ago ive been on 300 1 year and now 270 for a year as well its been a long time the 400 in question

What else have you had checked? There was a thread in Pharma of a guy taking 500mg to “Feel normal”. Turns out, he needed HGH too and that was why he felt like he needed such a high dose to clear symptoms.

i dont understand what you mean sorry im french canadian mainly :frowning: i felt really good at 270 and took nothing but that

Do you have labs? My father was born in Montreal, so I won’t hold being French against you, lol.

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The body needs to stabilize with the new dose. You are jumping to conclusions. It’s a given you will feel off when you switch esters and doses bro.

Please be safe and don’t bother with managing your estrogen. Modify the dose to resolve symptoms. It’s just a big danger to your overall health when an AI is used.

Why? Because your body needs this hormone. It’s cardio, Brain and organ protective and etc

When we take an ai we don’t know where the estrogen is being stopped from producing. Why? Because this hormone doesn’t float in the blood when produced in the brain or heart. It stays local to the area it is produced. You might have 20 on the lab, but 2 in the heart.


Labs on 270mg please? The only way to know if 270mg was good for you.

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yes i think il do as you say dany bossa said the same il stay there clench teeth and wait for my body to reach quilibrium again… ai are poison


wont let me post it. i posted it on a guys reply down you can get it there haha

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I can’t imagine there being that much of a difference in 20mgs after 12 days when you are doing 250-270mg. One of the important things that hasn’t been mentioned by others yet is the mental part. When you get it in your head that a 20mg drop is going to mean a huge negative impact on wellbeing etc then you’re much more likely for it to happen. The mind is a mother fucker. You need to relax and start to convince yourself slowly that in reality there’s a good chance it’s in your head. I say that as someone who spent a whole year doing something very similar only to find out it was all in my head.


good man.

the brainfog is insanely real i feel like everything is cloudy its scary from the time i wake up to the time i go to bed its even harder now im on week 3 i was 270 only 1 full month before that i was 300mg so i dropped 100mg in only less than 2 months and i had been on 300 for over 2 years ! i hope it will stop i know what you mean by its all in your head but right now this is the scaryest thing ive ever felt its like almost feeling drunk !

I struggled going from 200 to 150. But I also stopped injecting for 3-4 days to expedite the change. Not at all recommended.

I ended up ruining myself at work and going on a drinking bender at night. Next time definitely taking it slower.

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I have alot of experience using enanthate and cypionate and i can definitely feel a big difference cypionate makes my brain much harder to relax its a weird feeling like slightly anxious if i try to relax,
I feel much better and mentally normal with enanthate and I split my dose 2 shots a week,

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anything similar to brainfog ?