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Intense Ass Leg Routine


Check this out...did this today could barely walk

1.) squat 4 x 20, 15, 10, 5
superset w/
seated squat press 4 x 20, 15, 10, 5

2.) Leg extensions
3 x 15

3.) lying leg curl
3 x 12

4.) leg curl
3 x 12

I COULD NOT walk after this work out...just about puked when i got outside.


What was your goal with this workout?


Better question is, what was the purpose of this thread?

Isn't asking for advice and hasn't presented anything to discuss.


So....you pushed yourself in the gym? revolutionary.

also, you really felt sick? after squats, leg curls, and leg extensions? ehhh


I'm confused by the coupling of the words for the thread.

Intense Ass AND Leg Routine?

Intense ass routine (coupled with a normal leg routine?)

You had an angry donkey while you hit legs?


purpose was to hear what you guys had 2 say...what should i have done instead of leg extensions and legs curls? Ehh the squat and leg press kind of kicked my ass...just wondering what u guys though about it. What do u guys do for legs?


? Everyone's going to have different training methodology for legs.

Go to the 'Alpha Roundtable - Wheels' or whatever it's called in the T-Cell for the best input.

If this routine worked for you, and you're continuously getting bigger and stronger from it, there shouldn't be any issues, no?



Because I feel bad about trolling. You're welcome.


You left out the part about your warm-up. 5 mins on the treadmill?


This is HaRdCoreZZZZ!! I wish my legs could do something like this.


Hmmmmm, I don't see much ass work there. Better get on that.


You need more squats for your glute work out. I personally recommend barbell hip thrusts and glute ham raises to get your ass huge.

There's your problem, come back when you can't drive home without either puking in an empty parking lot or in your car. And yes I have puked in my car while drive home from the gym after squats.


Sharp and noname above are on point: Leg day should have ample glute work. Glute-ham raises are very good if you're gym has the proper equipment. Other good ideas would be deep romanian deadlifts(if flexible enough) using 25 plates or standing on a platform as well as split squats with both feet elevated. Split squats are very good at helping to open up the hips(stretch the hip flexors). Keep those healthy or your squat will suffer.