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Intense Arm Workout


Just saw and tried this arm workout today...it took 15 min as stated. Never thought that a simple routine would be so effective?


in what way is it effective?


There is nothing special or exceptional about this.
Biceps work to bend a straightened elbow. Triceps work by straightening a bent elbow. Add resistance to these actions. Later, add more. And then more.



Gotta do 'em like this


Why are you e-stalking ashylarry and posting his vids?


I was wondering why my life was suddenly feeling so epic all of a sudden..

then I realized I scrolled down without pausing OP's video.


major arm pump for one...plus not spending forever training the arms. The grips really are what make this effective, diameter increase plus more
tension added to the muscles. I actually used 1min rest instead of 45 sec. Anyways good to change things up. Hope this helps answer question.


I think the point he was getting at was that you cannot judge the effectiveness of a workout from doing it once. To know if something is truly effective you need to do it consistently with solid progression for a couple of months. I could get my arms pumped with 10lb db's, but God knows that wouldn't lead to any growth.


Arms need to be changed up constantly. Yes using a 10lb db won't do much for size agree. I don't see in this workout were 10lb is used.
Real arm growth comes from increasing tension in all the muscles. I like the look of denser muscles (myofibrillar hypertrophy not (sarcoplasmic hypertrophy) bolated soft look. It's not the weight used it's how you use the muscles lifting the weight. I'll continue to use this every 3rd arm workout. Hope this helps clear thing up, no disrespect with this answer. Thank you



Hmmm, and all this time I though that the appearance of a muscle was determined almost entirely by the amount of fat and subQ water covering it?



using 40, 35, 35 for hammers this week, keeping rest at 20 sec in between sets.




Haha thats quite the theory


it's great because each super set compliments elbow position in relation to torso. plus 1 arm ez curl and band ext with later shift allows for multi-dimentional force.


also keeping tight tension in the whole arm will add for more tendon and ligament strength. Engaging your grip will also build stronger hands, wrist, forearm flexion and extension.