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Intended to Do Something Good

Before I got my most recent promotion I was going to let this old woman I work with have the office that came with my promotion. She only has like 1 year until retirement and is only working because her life’s pretty fucked up financially.

She was telling me one day about how she’d never had a real office with a door and she really hoped she’d get an office someday before she retired. I got my promotion about a year later and was on the way to work daydreaming about how happy the old lady would be when I offered her the office.

Soon my daydreams switched to getting my wife and/or the hot girl in the accounting office to blow me under my desk in my new office and how easy it would be, because I could close the door. Needless to say, I did not give the old woman I work with the office.

I’ve had lots of other intentions of doing good things, but I’m sure I’m not alone. Come on T-Nationers…when did you give up the opportunity to do something good to better serve your own needs ya selfish bastards?