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Intelligent Design(ers) Are Out

Thought that it was very interesting that the very conservative people in Dover PA voted out all of the incumbents on the school board. The incumbents are the people that installed ID into the biology curriculum.

Thank God!!!

No I meant to say thanks to the Intelligent Designer.

The people who advocate ID are the worst example for intelligent designs.


Yeah good job. Believe in ID on faith alone if you will, but it shouldn’t be taught in schools - it contradicts the whole definition of “science”.

Here is a great link by Dawkins (evolutionary biologist/science advocate) on the topic:


Being a believer myself, I can’t say I agree with what happened here. Maybe you need to read that again, but I don’t believe ID or creationism ought to be taught in schools. The reason for this, is I believe it ought be taught in the home and in the church. Its not a science course and I doubt I would want someone with a science degree trying to teach theology. It just doesnt make sense.

I opt for the mentioning of other viewpoints, but not the teaching of. I mean, pastor/priests go to school for years to be able to teach those who decide to attend church. Why would I want someone without that same kind of degree try to teach kids about what they truly don’t know and probably don’t respect? If parents want this kind of ideology taught, they themselves ought to be doing it.

I see the concern of people with their religion of choice, but really, what can a school teach other than there’s that belief? Thats a whole religion course. Courses like that can be taught at the college level and take a semister or two. And still, that would be a brief overview.