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Intellectual Boosters Help

Greetings to Tim and the rest of T-nation team!
I’m a Bulgarian so i can’t purchase Biotest products(althought I would if I could).Anyway,I’m grateful for the great job you’re doing on making T-Nation such a great site.the quality and amount of info here is amasing and I think with so much knowlige one may easily become a premier conditioning coach in any sport field.I really mean it.
So,I participate in high scool math competitionsand i’m looking to made it to the Bulgarian math team(which is in top 5 in the world)and I’ll appreciate if you give me some sort of advice for some intelectual booster-legal,cheap and easily approachable,also some nutrition advises about “smart” foods.

Thanks in advance,and sorry for my sloppy English!

Well…first thing that comes to mind would be Spike… but… since you can’t get that… I guess I’d say water. Drink lots of it. Ginsing and Ginko Biloba would be good supplement choices if you have them available too.


Depending on the situation, caffeine, if you can handle it. Some people caffeine is counter-productive, though.

My favorite, easily accesible one:
GREEN TEA. This seriously makes a difference for me.

Hey, you must be pretty intelligent to be doing math at such a high level. If you can find L-tyrosine (an amino acid) or DMAE, these things will help (they’re both ingredients in a Biotest products). If you can find some ephedrine, that can boost your awareness as well. You just need to experiment with the amounts you take, too much will make you jumpy. Gotu Kola is also prove to boost memory, as well as phosphatidyl Serine and phosphatidyl choline (which is present in eggs and peanut butter). Hope this helps, and good luck.

I’ve found Rhodiola Rosea to be very useful as a cognitive enhancer, which should be readily availbable to you. Give it about 2 weeks. There is a plethora of data/studies available on the internet, supporting it’s benefits.

I have to disagree with the ephedrine suggestion. I’ve heard(and had the experiance) that it foggies the mind a bit.


Green Tea
Tuna and other cold water fish oils
Ginkgo Biloba

DMAE with Choline product (roughly 350 mg and 1 gram respectively)
Piracetam (about 3 g)

Spike is highly recommended, but I guess unavailable to you.

Adderrol is wonderful, but, be careful since it is essentially amphetamine salts and can be addictive. If you do not have an addictive personality, than I would try that.

If you can get your hands on some Spike, that would make your life alot easier. Speaking from experience, I am in a program trying to finish up my doctor of physical therapy degree, and this stuff helped my just breeze through the most difficult exam of my life.

Also, try studying listening to classical music in the same environment while using one of these compounds. It helps the brain focus much better, and can sometimes trigger a response similar to the compound (after some time using this method) without taking any drugs.

Gingko + Huperzine A

What’s sulbutiamine?