Integrating the Four Day Split with Judo Training

Hello Coach Thibaudeau!

I practice Judo twice per week (Monday, Friday) for about an hour per session, each class consisting primarily of 10 minutes of conditioning (Judo push-ups, belly crawls, etc.), 5-10 minutes of technique instruction/ demonstration, 35-40 minutes of sparring (5-7x 5-minute bouts, 60 sec. between), and another 5 minutes of abdominal work. The classes are very taxing on my cardiovascular system, less so on my muscles.

Would you suggest following the Four Day Split you laid out in your recent article (assuming I lift Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday) or do you think that would be too much volume in addition to the Judo classes? I just turned 30 last month, if that’s relevant.

Thank you for all the knowledge you so generously share with us.