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Integrating the fat fast diet w. 2on/4off

I am obsessed with the great idea of the 2on/4off cycle, I’ve did one and was very impressed. Now it is time to shed some body fat, need to lose like 15lbs max. I was going to diet 4 weeks with no carbs the entire times. How would you all reccommend that I integrate the 2weeker into the diet? I am primarily interested in only keeping what I msucle I have while dieting. I can’t decide, its either at the front, at the end, or in the middle. Not sure which would be best, I can think of reasons to support each…

At the end, when in order to lose fat, you’ll have to drop calories even lower…

yeah thats what I was leaning toward actually… any other ideas guys?

Your best bet is to increase your carb intake after your workouts only. 100-150g on workout days should help you during weeks 3-6. Then you can repeat. Keep strict to the Fat Fast for the first 2 weeks though.

so John, you think the first two weeks would be best to hit the juice? Or do you agree the last two may be best? I really didn’t understand your answer completely. At this point I have already started my diet. around ~1500 cals, about 60% from fat 40 from protein (100g fat, 150g pro). I’m planning on doing test prop and masteron for weeks 3-4 at this point, but thats not the issue at hand.

The 2 on 4 off thing does sound neat. I think a cycle may work better if you used the 2 on weeks to add more lbm. I was reading that you could take orals in the morning in lower doses and not supress T levels. Maybe 10 mg d-bol upon awakening and then 10 mg 4 hours later. This should also help guard against muscle loss during the diet. I was thinking of trying this myself with the fat fast diet during the off time. Hope it goes well

I meant that you should do the fat fast for 2 weeks and then up the calories to maintenance for 4 weeks (or 2 weeks). During the fat fast portion would be the best time to use anabolics. I would not suggest using masteron and would opt for trenbolone if available. One shot of primobolon depot at 400 mg or so would help at the end of the first two weeks. It doesn’t suppress the HTPA as much as other drugs and will help in maintaining lean mass until your testosterone production is back up to par. On the Fat Fast you should consume half of maintenance calories and at least 1-1.25g of protein per lb of lean weight. The rest of the calories should come from essential fatty acids, hemp, flax, primrose, and/or fish oils. CLA may also come in handy. If you are still planning on going the four weeks then you should consider a cycle for the entire time your on the Fat Fast.