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integrating olympic lifts

I am seriously considering addding the more complex lifts to the repertoire. I wanted to get some ideas on how/when everyone includes them in their programs. Are they isolated for a few weeks (ie: only oly lifts), or is there a mix (some conventional lifts, some oly). What’s the general breakdown out there?

You can include them in a regular program. If you want to follow a Westside barbell routine, add the olympic lifts on the speed days. If you follow a regular bodybuilding routine do them on leg day, as your first movements.

I always include them and I train in so many different ways I just throw them in whenever I feel like it. Right now I’m hitting them 2 days per week. One Day is power oriented where I shoot for maximum weight and the other day is technique and flexibility oriented. Sometimes I’ll just throw together a complex consisting of O-lifts and other movements at the end of my workouts to kind’ve act as a finisher and to maintain my technique for the snatch, clean, overhead squat etc.

If you have one leg training day, put them as the first movement of that workout as Christian suggested. If you split your leg training into quad-dominant and hip-dominant movements, place your Olympics at the beginning of the latter.