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Insurance Won't Cover TRT

Got diagnosed with Low T

Doc wanted me to take androgel, but insurance would not cover it and I would have to pay $350 per month.

I opted for testosterone cyp injections. I have felt immensely better in all areas since taking.

Fast forward 6 months.

I have a new job and insurance will not cover testosterone cyp and gel costs still $350.

I am really upset and need to find a way to get cyp or gel.

Can anyone help? Please PM me.

I am pretty bummed right now

Injected T is not very costly. Do you have a Costco membership or Sam’s Business membership?

What does new insurance cover?
Some insurance says no injectables, but often when you show them the cost advantages they will fold.

Google a site called GOODRX enter your zip code and search for testosterone Cypionate
at your local pharmacies . GOODRX will list the prices they offer. You print a free temporary card and take it
to the pharmacy, and they give you that price.
I buy Watson Brand T-cyp at Walgreens and its $42.04 for a 10ml btl (200mg/ml). GOODRX sent me a permanent card
in the mail (card and membership is free) and when I went to refill my script a few weeks back Walgreen’s actually had the
GOODRX thing on file.

At 100mg per week, the bottle lasts 5 months…comes out to a little over $8 per month.

1.Hang out around the dumpster at a local gym. 2.Wait for one of the “vascular pumped” employees to empty trash and tell him what you pay for gel. 3.Then wait and see if he asks you if you have $350 on you

It can go one of two ways for you.