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Insurance Wont Cover Test Cyp

So I have a script for 10ml test. cyp. .5ml a week. 90 day supply the script says.

I have two insurance carriers and have gone to several pharmacies and spoken to both of my insurance carriers. Because a 10ml vial last 20 weeks and exceeds the 90 day supply the script says the insurance will not cover it.

The insurance company said they could cover the 1ml or 5ml vials…but not only are these less cost effective (2 1ml vials was $25 vs 1 10ml vial $25 via insurance).

To further the problem all the pharmacies in my area are out of the 1ml and 5ml vials and says they will be out for several months and that there is a shortage.

I have a coworker who is also on TRT but taking 1ml a week vs .5ml a week and his insurance (same as mine) picks it up no problem. That beats all!

So my question is how do you guys have your scripts worded so your TRT gets covered?

If there is no way to get it worded any differently and I have to pay out of pocket is there a way to get it internationally or via mail that would be cheap and affordable. Remember I have a script. Otherwise I am going to be dropping around $100 at my local pharmacy out of pocket.

Thanks fellas.

I think my doc writes it so that it says 30 day supply. Technically I “throw the rest out” after a month then “take two months off” before refilling my script. This results in a $10 copay for each 10 mg 200 mg/mL vial.

If you cant get insurance to cover, it is available at Costco for a price of $55 or so and you don’t have to be a member.

Insurance companies will look at larger economic dosing options when they switch gears and see that the drug can be expected to be used for many years. You have to talk to them and explain that the least cost for them is 10ml vials.

VT you were right it was cheaper at costco. But even crazier I left my insurnace card with them and low and behold my insurance accepted it. Not sure if they deal with this stuff more often or maybe because I called my insurance like KSman said and bitched about it. Either way I am happy.

Sweet…my advice is to make sure you get a copy of the script costco filled and make sure your doctor writes it like that every time. They charged me $30 for my last vial, which was 3 copays, as opposed to my normal $10 copay. Their rationale was that my doc wrote a different script for the actual amount I was supposed to take instead of saying that it was for a one month supply, so they caluclated it out to mean it should be for 3 months.

Get Dealtestryl,it’s 200mg’s x5C.C vial. test ve and cypt are the same.The test c, is usually 100mgs a c.c… It’s usually despenced in 10c.c.vials @ 100 per c.c,.