Insurance to covery plastic surgery

Hi T men. I need some help If you read my 1st post under the eating Disorders post, u can see my troubles. I would like to get an abdomnioplasty. I am lean right now and muscular, but i can get down to 7.5-8% bf and still have a gut. I am 18 going on 19. The surgery consumes me sometimes because I am so ashamed sometimes when I look in the mirror , because i always have this skin. Trouble is my parents said they’d get it for me. then they reniged. It is alot of money and its tough for a college student to raise that kind of money (4.5-6 grand) . I already visited a plastic surgeon and he told me that there is no way to rid of teh skin than with plastic surgery, but he’ll only do it if I’m serious. Well i’m dead serious. my family doc told me four yrs ago that the skin would tighten up , but no dice. This may sound off the wall but does anyone no any tactics or ways to get the surgery or a good deal of it covered by insurance. I would appreciate this greatly. thank you so much, Mike

Mike, do you also have gyno? I do, in both pecs, more in the right one. I guess after all these years being obese, it isn’t possible to avoid damage done to the body. Obese kids often have higher estrogen levels - and bitch tits is one of the consequences. I also have hideus stretch marks all over my body, my skin is wrinkled everywhere… it’s a total mess. Perhaps you could get your surgery if you could somehow convince them that it’s vital for your mental health, but I think it would take a great deal of time and counseling.

Mike M: Insurance will SOMETIMES cover abdominoplasty IF there can be shown a true medical reason for it (eg. recurrent infections from skin rubbing on skin, rawness of rubbing skin, etc, ) but it is a battle the Plastics people will have to fight for you. ONE WORD OF CAUTION: NEVER TRY TO GET A “DEAL” WITH PLASTICS BECAUSE IT USUALLY MEANS EITHER 1) You are consulting with some “hack” who can put your life in danger or 2) Plastics is not his or her primary specialty,which ALSO will put your life in danger. Only use a Surgeon certified by The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Yes Don I do have some gyno in my pecs,the good thing is that they are muscular, they do not have appearance of a woman’s breast as much , just the fat deposit beneath the nipple. They look very normal when cold etc. but yes i do suffer from taht but my main concern is my abdominal region i have very good ab development underneath the skin and i would like to be able to diet down to 6% and see them . More imporantly i would love to eat for mass and not be paranoid.Someoone correct me if i’m wrong but won’t pre existing fat cells taht have shrunk fill up rapidly in an excess of calories? If that is true , i may have valid reason when dieting for Mass. Mufasa thanks for the info. This is something very important to me

The same thing here, but I also have so called “droopy pecs”. :frowning: I am afraid it would take a lot of surgeries for me to get in shape… tummy tuck, gyno… it’s simply too much. I think I will simply have to get as muscular as possible, diet from time to time and that’s pretty much it. My body had a very different shape for a very long time and I don’t think it would be possible to remedy the problem with just one surgery.

I think your out of luck getting the insurance company to pay unless you can show medical necessity. I agree you should pick a good surgeon even though he will cost more. Try and check out payment plans through the doctor and loans from a bank. As long as you can put up collateral it doesn’t matter what you use the money for.