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Insurance Sharing Labs With Endo?

So I went today and had my first set of (out of pocket) labs drawn because my endo is very close minded and I’m trying to dial in my protocol.

The labs were crazy expensive (LabCorp).

My question is, if I go have blood drawn at a doc in the box to check my T and accompanying tests using my insurance, will this get back to my endo or will my Insirance put two and two together?

I don’t want my insurance to cancel my treatment, as I genuinely need it, but my doctor is not willing to work with me. My peak T level is 500 and he says that’s great. Never even checked free t or SHGB and won’t as he says those aren’t necessary.

You need to change Drs. What are you going drop your dose and destabilize constantly to keep up with his blood work and 500 level? Also what’s crazy expensive? Labcorp labs are dirt cheap. A regular lab charges your insurnace and the uninsured probably over 10× that

I have really good Insurance and getting labs is free through that.

I went today and paid $150 just for total T, free T and non sensitive estradiol. I would have loved to run more but I didn’t want to pay all that if I could just go to a doc in the box and get it done for free. I was just worried about my insurance seeing a high reading and canceling it. My end I said if they see any high results they’ll drop me. Not sure how true that is but I don’t want to piss off my insurance.

And yes I was going to drop my dose every six months for my check up with him. From the few tests I’ve had I’ve noticed I metabolize test extremely quick.

If your do not tell them to send the results to anyone else, they legally cannot. HIPAA restrictions. If you do not list the endo and do not sign a HIPAA release they cannot even give the results to your wife or parents.

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Your insurance isnt looking at that. They rely on the Dr to monitor You. Starting treatment the dr may need to submit something saying to qualify with low readings but im pretty sure thats it. Its cheap treatment they arnt gonna hover your blood work. Its probably actually illegal for them to view them. just dont want that one Dr to see it. Go to an urgent care and just tell them you are between Drs and have still been on your protocal and want to check those things

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Thanks guys! I will definitely do that.