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Insurance Requiring a 2nd Blood Test after Starting TRT

It was through my regular doctor. It is in network. I will just wait the 4 weeks @systemlord recommended and just do two blood tests back to back.

@systemlord thanks for the advice. I waited the 4 weeks. My total T was 54. I don’t think Insurance will be able to decline me now. Also talked to my doctor about T to E conversion. Not the answer I was looking for, but he said he will prescribe me something if I show signs of high E. Guess I need to grow some man boobs before I can get treatment. Haha. Also thank you and @KSman for your other posts. I have read a lot and learned a lot. Still have a lot to learn though I’m sure.

The first signs of high E2 is moody and bitchiness, estrogen outside the ranges (20-30 pg/mL) is associated with poor health and disease. Being overly moody is a sign of distress than can lead to depression.

I will watch for those signs. Thank you.

Wrong answer. You need to seek optimal E2 levels. Living near high end of “normal” range will be hell for most guys.

High E can be high E symptoms and that is individualistic and not really simply related to lab numbers or ranges.

@KSman @systemlord I was reminded of this post today and wanted to say thanks to you both for all the help when starting TRT. I’ve learned a lot since then. I was able to get dialed in and I am feeling great! On 140mg a week divided daily with HCG. No AI needed. Ksman you were dead on with the high E2. It hit 65 on a sensitive E2 test and anxiety hit me. Which I have never had. Anyway thanks again.