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Insult My Form/Reassure Me I Can Fix It


Okay so my back rounds (obviously) and right before I lift I think "KEEP it straight mutha f****" etc etc, but then when I actually go into deadlift I forget all my cues haha.
so anyway, ya, insult me for a while then I'll try and fix it and I'll post another video in like a month.
ALSO i am very insecure and self concious/anxious, but I am sure that is pretty apparent by the tone of my post, heh.



kill me.


First thing I noticed was your hips shoot up a bit before the bar moves, so you need to stay tight before pulling. Second thing was that you didn't look "set" before you started, maybe take another couple of seconds once you grab the bar to pull your shoulders down, ass out, back tight, etc (all the cues you're forgetting once you step up to the bar).

Also, next time get a vid from a little farther back, it's hard to tell if your shoulders are in line, in front of, or behind the bar.

My $0.02


<3 Eleiko <3
Not the greatest of angles to critique from. I do agree with Ink...ass down, keep a tight arch in your lower back. Stay on your heels and drive back, keep your shoulders behind the bar...it looks almost like you're lifting straight up. Timing. When you get a chance, lower the weight and work on getting the timing of the lift down so everything is working in concert. hope that helps...I'm sure others will have some more advice.


You're still doing that thing where you go from a flexed spine to an extended spine without pushing your hips forward.

To finish the lift worry more about pushing your hips through than pushing your stomach out.

Also, that belt makes your ass look slim.


Awesome pawsome people.
Hard for me to set up good camera angles without someone filimg for me, but I will try to figure out a different place to set it next time. You think I need to bring the bar in closer to my shins or something...??


If it's not touching the answser is usually yes.


stuart your first post gives me reading comprehension problems. I just don't understand, waaaaa.

Maybe draw a picture or something HAHA, i am a visual learner.


You go from a back that looks like this: ( to a back that looks like this: ) without moving your hips. This is insanely dangerous for your spine. You do this at the top of your deadlift when you lock it out.


Spock is a woman!? And shes good lookin!? My world has been turned upside down.

The first rep looked good to me, but then again my hips start kinda high(ish) as well. The advice the others have given will serve you well


thank god I am a woman or I would be getting the crapped kicked out of me daily for how high strung I sound all the time .......


Your comments in the Chuck V thread had me worried haha


get one with the camera farther back so we can see your whole lift...and how hot you are


What you need is volume, volume and more volume, and keep the weights at a level where you can do perfect form.



haha, well I was trying to keep things inconspicuous so that people wouldn't think I was some self important jerk that wanted show off to all her FB friends. Thankfully the two 80-year-olds didn't seem to notice..


ALSO, ok so my super awesome trainer friend said this

"First, we need to work on your starting position a bit because if you pay close attention you'll see that when you start pulling, your body moves before the bar leaves the ground. The best starting position is where as you begin to pull, the bar immediately leaves the ground. For you this will means starting with the hips just a little bit higher. When you find this position, that's where you will want to focus on sticking your bum out/arching your back and then keeping that arched position by staying as tight as you possibly can.

Second thing, and this is very common, but your hips are locking out before your knees at the top. This tends to happen with heavy deadlifts (I did it on my 405 pull). Have your lovely brothers on T-Nation given any suggestions for that?"

^^^ see that, he mentioned you? My T-Nation brothers haha.

So I have to keep my hips higher, i thought I was supposed to make things lower so that I don't get yipped at about almost doing a stiff legged DL??? I don't understand how to move my hips independently from anything else. I have no control over what my hips do. It's like they are disconnected from my brains command centre HAAAAAA
ANYWAY taking 25lbs off my deadlift for next cycle so we'll see.


I think the only way your hips lock out first would be from leaning back too far (I'm no expert please don't flame me). Try coming straight up maybe? doesn't look like your hips lock first in the video tho.

when I start to pull, I use the weight of the bar to pull my back into an arched position (i find it hard to get a tight arch when in the starting position. after I find that arch, I then blast up. Don't know if this is fully relevant to your problem, but it may help you from lifting up before the bar. Your hips don't need to be higher.

You have a lot of lumbar flexion at the beginning. I think this is partially because you jerk the weight at the very beginning off the floor. Eeeease into it. This is related to my comment about using bar weight to straighten your back.

Give a better shot of your deadlift now plz :wink:


Are you pulling the slack out of the bar? It's hard to tell.

What I think of is pulling the slack out of the bar, then pulling my shoulders behind the bar and pulling my hips down until I feel a ton of tension in my hams and hips and can squeeze and pop the bar off the ground. I don't know if that will make sense to anyone but me, but it's the way I think of it.


All you need to do is learn to set your back into extension. Chest up is a good cue I like, but you really need to focus on doing it a couple times.



this is what I tried to say