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Insulinotropic Effects?

Dr. Berardi cautions against causing an insulin spike prior to bedtime. He also advises that one should consume a good protein source at that same time. He often recommends cottage cheese.

In “Bedtime Story” he discussed milk, saying that the, “…huge insulin index makes me hesitant to give my endorsement to the moo juice. However, milk products like cottage cheese behave differently than milk and are another solid choice.”

However, research has documented that, “…all dairy products (whole milk, skimmed milk,yogurt, ice cream, cottage cheese and fermented milk products) have been shown to have potent insulinotropic properties…”

See: http://www.thepaleodiet.com/articles/Milk%20Final.pdf

So what should one do? Is cottage cheese still a “solid choice?”

Well problematic as this like all the GI/II stuff shows the measures of a single food source and not a mixed meal. IMO onec should be having somec form of veggie and/or fruit (fiber) along with their cottage cheese and really every meal and maybe a fat source as well which will change said readings likely more sustained and even keel