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Hi all,

I'm 22, around 220lbs (I weigh myself in kilos usually but have converted it as everyone seems to do pounds here!). I've just finished a bulk, but have put on a bit of fat, so am now around 14-15% BF.

I'm looking to get my BF% back down, but due to the endurance sports I do, can't really cut out huge amounts of carbs.

Anyway, on to the main question.

I've lurked on the forum for a couple of years now, and generally been able to search and find answers to questions I had, however, I'm a bit stuck on Insulinomics. The only thing I can find on it is on Charles Poliquin's site, and from what I gather, it basically sends a signal to your cells that your body is healthy and food is available, so not to store glucose as fat and instead send it to the muscle to provide energy?

This seems to me therefore that I'd be able to still maintain a higher level of carbs than normal, so my performance in sports wouldn't be affected, but help to control BF.

Is that right? Has anyone experience of these? They're a fair amount of cash to hand over for something I'm not entirely sure I understand!

Cheers for reading this, look forward to the replies!


Why don't you look into Carb Cycling instead? Won't cost you the earth, and you still get to eat carbs!




I tried it, wasn't impressed.


if i were you I'd simply eat at a moderate deficit, while still ensuring enough carbs to fuel activity and protein to spare muscle mass. since you didn't provide any details on what sports you're actually doing, i can't give you much help beyond that. suffice to say you're burning plenty of calories and will see good results by simply eating at a 10-15% deficit and getting enough protein (something endurance athletes are notoriously poor at)


If that's you in your avatar, it probably helped you get your low back so lean.


i'm thinking his diet + training did more for that than some supplement.


Nice one!

Sorry yeah, my main sports are kayaking, surfing and windsurfing, so I can't really afford to lose the muscle I've put on! From what you guys say, reckon I'll skip the supplements then.

I'm eating around 3000 calories on exercise days, and around 2500 when not exercising, so you reckon just dropping both to 2700 and 2250 should do the trick, while keeping up protein?

Cheers for the help, really appreciate it


Is that your actually view, or do you just hate anything recommended by Thibs or Poliquin?

Because after reading your posts over the past few months, it seems that your just against anything recommended by these two coaches.