Okay, I hope this doesn’t sound stupid, but I’ve been reading some of the nutrition articles on this site and I’m a bit confused about insulin. Is it good to have lots of insulin? It seems like the articles indicate that having high insulin is good at certain times like post workout? Is that correct? What if you have something sweet like fruit before working out? Would that increase insulin and make your body able to use more energy? Does insulin cause fat storage? I’m just so confused about what insulin does and what I’m supposed to try to do to minimize fat storage.

High Insulin NO!!! High Insulin Sensitivity Yes!!! You want to control it so your Body learns how to optimze its insulin and produces just what it needs when you need it. In a sense very effecient insulin, Quality over quantity.

As for the timing and getting a whack of Insulin PWO is a time for this. Exercise raises insulin sensitivity and the shuttling of the fast acting Carbs and Protein will help halt the catabolic environment created during the exercise session. Also it will help restor glycogen that has been depleted and hopefully shift you to an anabolic state.

Fruit Pre w/o. In general Fruit is great and Not going to give you a HUGE insulin reaction. It is slower acting due to the fiber various other nutrients, etc…

DONT stop having Fruit.

You Might Check Out Cy Willson’s article “Forbidden Fruit” sorry no link look under Cy Willson in the Author Library.

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Hope that helps,