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I have heard that you can obtain insulin in some states without a prescription. Is this true. If so how does one go about getting some.

In a state where it’s legal, one can just go to the pharmacy and say, “I need a bottle of Humulin R” and they sell it to you. Make 100.0000000% sure that you know what you are doing here – use it the wrong way and you can die.

I’m a type 1–insulin dependent-diabetic. It irritates me to no end when “gurus” recommend insulin without detailing the differences of insulin types. There are basically 3 types. Humalog-which is the fastest acting insulin. R=Regular which peaks in about 2 hours. NPH is the longest acting insulin and should be avoided by all non-insulin dependent population=bodybuilders.

I too am a type one diabetic, but please don’t be antagonistic when you are wrong about insulin types. Makes you look like the idiot. There are different types for duration:
Humolog – very very fast, 1-2 hour duration
Regular – fast, 2-4 hour duration
NPH – medium, 2-6 hour duration
Lente - long, 4-12 hours duration
UltraLente - very long, 12-24 hours duration
Combinatins such as 70/30 N/R also exist
There is also human insulin, pig insulin, beef insulin etc.

Be careful. You can die on a single injection of Humolog. Also, repeated use of insulin can cause insulin resistance. Insulin is also indiscriminate between using glucose to build muscle or fat.

hermit–I stand corrected because I was describing the types I have been using for the past 13 years. NPH is the long acting one–around 12 hours. I take this in the morning and at night. It has several peak times. My point is that at least with humalog, it has a quick peak, and then is out of your system. I don’t want some idiot taking regular insulin and then crashing 3 hours later with no food available. I think humalog should be the only type considered for bodybuilding purposes.

Hermit–Sorry, you’re right-sort of. I looked it up and the peak action time for NPH is 5-10 hours. For Lente, it is 6-12 hours. I never considered Lente, as I’ve never taken it. However, you have to be as concerned as I am about the use of insulin among non-insulin dependent populations.

It is very legal and easy to get insulin. Matter of fact I just got my first bottle 5 days ago and could not believe how easy it was. You got to sound like you know what you are talking about and sound casual, like you have done it your whole live.


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