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Insulin With Winni or Deca?

last year i did a cycle of test and tren with humalog insulin. i got really good gains but i get bad acne when i take test or tren. one thing i found out is that if i take winnie , deca, primos or any of the less androgenic stuff i dont get acne. my question is can i take the humalog again with less androngenic drugs. if i can what would a good stack be and how many units of insulin should i take. i just want to put a little wieght on and im not too concerned about staying really lean. ill never do test or tren again though so im stuck with the less potent stuff. any feed back would be great.

If you don’t know how much insulin to take, you probably shouldn’t mess with it, since it could kill you or leave you diabetic.

Why don’t you try MAG-10 with the new Methoxy-7? I’ve been using the two together for a week now and I am really liking it.

Oh yeah, as far as doses go, work up to 10IUs of log postworkout, and with the deca and winny, I’d run 400-600mg deca EW and 50mg winny ED (but not for more than 6 weeks or so). You’ll want to be on the deca for longer than that though, as it’s such a long acting compound, probably 10-12 weeks. If you could get some npp and run it for 6-8 weeks that would be even better. I like it better than plain deca.

Its funny how we’re all worried about going past 6 weeks use of a 17-aa (which is a total myth that you’ll get liver failure or anything remotely close on the start of week 7) Yet no one has seemed to mention just how dangerous insulin use is - the fact that you could die from just one shot of the stuff - especially 10 iu! The other fact is that you are risking becoming a diabetic for life. I am a nurse, I see individuals in the hospital everyday with diabetes related disease, and I tell you that that is the last disease on earth you want to get!

Sunyboy, for real listen to the bro’s on this board telling not to mess insulin. Insulin is not something that someone else can tell you how much you need to take in a dose. Your blood sugar levels are specific to your body and the way your body acts to insulin is the way you react and not someone else. If you take too much, too quick acting, or just take it and eat the wrong foods with it you could end up diabetic or worse. P22 knows what he is talking about when it comes to performance enhancing drugs so listen up.
Besides if you only want to put on a little weight…then go train right, eat big, and rest up to grow.
Be safe

yes, insulin can be very dangerous, i used it and i felt the worst, panic at the least(near of death), of course i am suicidal.