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Insulin With GH and IGF-1 Cycle?

Ive done cycles with dianabol many times and always get good gains but never keep them. The reason why ive only used dianabol is because of my sports drug testing (I only got a 4 month off season window to work with)

Im 25, 6ft5 n 235lbs and have trained hard for years but can only get above the 240lb mark during a cycle.

Im interested in using GH n IGF because they are undetectable but i dont want to start injecting insulin because of the risks. So i need to know how effective they are when not combined with insulin?

If your only adding 5 pounds during cycle, you don’t need a different stack, you need to eat more. You undernourished thing, you.

Holy shit Gh and IGF-1. You definately don’t flip burgers for $6.50 an hour.

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