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Insulin Use (Novolin R)

Hey all, stats are:
Age: 18 Height: 6’0” Weight: 210 lbs. BF: 7%
S: 645 B: 365 D: 755

So I’m starting contest prep and have a contest on April 14th. I’ve been running 900 mg of Test E for about three weeks now, before that I was cruising on 600 mg.

I’ve just started using Novolin R at 20 iu per day, 6 in the morning and 12 post-workout. So I know it’s slow-acting and what not and I believe I’ve put on some quality weight since I’ve started using it (2 days ago). Although, I haven’t really been feeling any of the sides that you’re supposed to feel after taking insulin. Am I just that spot-on with my carb and protein intake/timing after taking the skin that I don’t feel the hypo symptoms? No doubt it’s legit, as I bought it from my pharmacy. I just want to know why I’m not really feeling these horrible sides that everyone speaks of, especially at 20 iu per day

Aren’t you the guy who took 1000mg of anadrol in a day? Because you thought it was bunk?

Why are you cruising on so much? Do you have a pro card?

I’m not commenting on the 20iu/day LONG acting slin usage because facepalm. You’re 18, are you SURE this is what you want?


Yes, I am that guy haha.

The last time I competed I was natural, so I’ll be going into this show with the intent to earn my pro card.

I’m sure this is what I want, although that picture looks awfully appetizing. Tempted to just order a pizza right now instead of boring old tuna, rice, and Cheerios haha but I’m good at sticking to my diet

So if you win this show you become an IFBB pro at 18?

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Wow. Just wow. I’m dramatically larger than you and I’d never - NEVER - come close to using that much insulin or test - let alone that shit insulin. Think twice and then three times about this nonsense. What show are you doing? Assuming it’s an NPC qualifier. You can’t be competing in bodybuilding at that height / weight and be seriously expecting a card. Are you doing classic or physique? The guys I’ve competed with who have ended up pro - one of them a contributor to this site - is 5’6 225. Please
Do NOT use insulin at this stage and especially not that amount. @unreal24278. @teennacho


I just went into diabetic shock reading this post


I appreciate the response but I’d never use insulin, it isn’t a bash against people who do as I have no problem with people using slin, it’s just a line that I don’t want to cross. Slin, GH, beta 2 agonists, stims, tren etc all stuff that I don’t plan to ever touch, because if I’m not gonna compete (I mean come on, me competing… Can’t happen, not with my chronic pain, fear of using anything marginally over a trt dose etc) then it isn’t worth it.

This is one of the funniest things I’ve read in the past month

Are you talking about john meadows? He has a BEASTLY physique, so thick and vascular. You also have an extremely well developed physique from the photos I have seen.


@unreal24278 yes he was one of my training partners in Columbus for years before I moved. And thanks brother. Most guys have zero need to run insulin

Gotta stick to the safe stuff like methyltrienolone (just kidding)

Although wouldn’t exactly be surprised if OP has used it before

Wait a minute what happened when you took the 1000mg of anadrol?!

Nothing, must have been bunk. I have a reliable source that I order from but he went on vacation and I was eager to get some stuff in so I ordered from a new vendor and I’m pretty sure his Anadrol was fake.

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