Insulin Syringes, Units/ml?

Guys, generally insulin syringes show 100units/ml but I’ve got some 40unit insulin syringes which is shown 40units/ml. I’m really confused what will be the 2iu of HGH on this 40unit/ml. In 100units syringe 20unit is defined as 2iu but how much in 40units/ml
Please help


8/40u = 20/100u

8 units on a U40 scale.

on the 8th mark will be 2iu of GH?

The 8th mark out of a U40 milliner is 20% of said mililiter.

The 20th mark out of a U100 mililiter is 20% of the same mililiter.

20% of a mililiter is 2iu.

Is that clear enough for you?

Thanks a lot