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Insulin Syringe and Deltoid IM Injection

Hi, guys.

Is insulin syringe 29G 1/2" sufficient enough to reach deltoid muscle? I am swichting to insulin syringes, but i’ve been doing IM injections all the time and i don’t want to change that. I will be doing injections more to the side of deltoid, where the muscle is sticking out the most when i flex my delts. I am not lean (just started slight cut), but i don’t think this is a place where fat accumulates. What do you guys think?


That is what I use for the delts and also the thigh. I am not lean either

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Same, 1/2” to delt will be IM.

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For better or worse when I push the plunger it pushes the syringe up against my skin hard enough to push the needle further. I figure that makes me a little more confident it’s actually IM. That area of the arm usually has very little fat anyways

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I am in surgery all day for one of my professions and I see shoulder surgery a lot. The delts have such a thin layer of fat compared to most everywhere else that it is almost impossible to accidentally do sub-q there.

I know I post this pic a lot but it helped me in the beginning to see a picture. I do anywhere in the middle of the purple but I’ve also done higher and lower as well as front and rear delts without issues.

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