Insulin Syringe. Am I Measuring It Correctly?

Is 30 mg (250 mg concentration) the 12th line on the syringe? Or 6? I am asking because on the package it’s listed as a U100 and on the syringe it’s 50 Units. Kinda confused

The math would be like: 30 mg/ 250 * 100 = 12 right?

You are correct.

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Ok so 12 right? I was just confused because my gym partner told me since it’s 0,5 ml 30 mg should be 6 units

No. IUs are always 100iu/cc. Your syringe is simply 50iu capacity or 1/2cc. The syringe capacity has nothing to do with the math or units you need to inject. Make sense?

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Yeah makes sense thnx.
So good to know I was injecting correctly with 12 units lol

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