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Insulin Sryinge Gauges


Found insulin with gauges from 29-31.I know alot of guys use the 29's. Would the 31 be too small for steroid injections?


Probably. 29 gauge is already pretty tiny and painless. I think I read that someone on here uses a 30g, though. 0.5cc 29g works great with my test prop, but it depends on the viscosity of your gear. I am using 0.7cc/day so I have to stick myself twice for the time being, bit I imagine 1cc 29g works almost as well.

Insulin pins are a godsend for ED injects.

Learn how to backfill them, you will save yourself tons of time and frustration, plus keep the needle sharper.




Thank you sir.


I use 30 gauages for my pharam grade test cyp (Watsons brand) with no problems at all. It takes a couple minutes to fill it up but injection time is very short for 0.5 mL (10 seconds or so). I tried backfilling to start but found that to be a pain in the ass. Spillage, contamination, inexact dosages were the main problems, but it also didn't save much time as you still had to wait for the air bubble to settle up top of the needle before expelling it after putting the plunger back in.

Now I just put my slin pin in, pull the plunger back and hang it upside down from a toothbrush holder before getting in the shower and its ready to go by the time I get out.


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I have 28g 1cc 1/2 in. I just draw up the test but as with VT its a small amount (0.5ml) and it does not take long. 2-4min (never timed it). It is no where near dull enough to cause problems with injection after. Still goes in. Also i use it for GHRP and each needle gets 1 time through the vial and 2 sticks (1 am 1 pm) so 3 total and no problems with the 3rd injection.


I agree, that is an awesome idea.

shrug I like backfilling, just did a week's worth of pins today in less than 10 minutes and it's only the second time I've used the technique. No loss of gear. Since I'm doing .7cc with .5cc pins I load them all to 0.35 and they're all between .34 and .36. It really helps to run the big syringe under hot water for a minute to lower the viscosity - being careful to not get water under the cap, obviously.

It's not that pushing the needle through the stopper really causes that much blunting, I just really don't care for injecting myself, so anything I can do to keep it sharper just makes me feel better. I do think there's a noticable difference between the pins I backfill and my hCG pins, which I draw directly, unless the skin on my abdomen is just a lot thicker than the skin on my quads and delts.

I can see how if you're on a replacement dose and only loading 3 pins a week backfilling would not be worth it, but right now I'm loading 2 a day.


Agreed it is different if you are doing a lot more liquid or a lot more frequency or both. Then backfillings would be the way to go