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Insulin Spiking

The I, Bodybuilder thread talks about insulin spiking post workout. I’ve been asking about, and the majority of people whom I have talked to say that whilst there is food that have a tendency to release more insulin than others, it is the bulk of food that is the most important factor.

In otherwords they don’t believe the hype. Any informed individuals gots anything to add to this, I would appreciate some up to date links to read as well.


You have misinterpreted by assuming that a factor being an important one, means it is the only one. There are many things going on.

If it were only an insulin spike, obviously, as you point out, it’s been known how to do that for a long time. For example why not just swill down a 32 ounce Coca-Cola and get hyoooogely muscular.

It should not have been interpreted that spiking insulin was the only thing going on, and nowhere was that said.

It’s spiked pre and during workout, and a little bit 60 min. post, but as far as directly post workout, not as much a factor as your insulin sensitivity is reduced directly post-workout.

And an insulin spike with extremely fast absorbing high quality protein (80% of which is absorbed before it reaches the stomach) could definitely help repair and replenish muscles, especially if the nutrients are on hand and in position for repair during exercise.

Go ahead and read at least the last 3-4 pages of the “Fat Loss” “Amino Pulsing” and “Para-Workout” threads in CT’s forum. All the answers are there, and if you don’t want to read those threads, then just wait for the program to come out.

Really?! Since when can nutrients be absorbed “before it reaches the stomach”? Has the esophagus been recently transformed into a nutrient-absorbing organ?

The stomach functions as a breakdown facility for nutrients so that they can be subsequently absorbed more efficiently in the small intestine. Let’s learn some basic digestive science before spouting off such ridiculous statements.