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Insulin Spikes

Hey guys,
I was wondering what an appropriate amount of insulin spikes per day was. I usually run in the early morning (sprints on M and F and endurance runs on W and then lift around 12. However, there are times where I also have a practice/rehearsal (drums) at night for about two hours and I sweat like a madman. I have heard that one necessarily doesn’t have to spike insulin after cardio and I figure the drums are very similar to a really intense aerobic session. What do you think? I know the benefits of spiking after lifting weights, that is a given but what about on the really busy days?

I’m under the impression the idea is to help stop catabolism and to rebuild glycogen stores.

So, if you think you’ve worked hard enough to deplete your muscles, or long enough to get into a catabolic state, it might be worthwhile.

I agree with vroom, it’s all about the actual intensity of the workout. Spiking insulin after 30 minutes of running is not necessary. Spiking it after 3 hours of hard intensive manual labor or exercise (even cardio-type) is probably a good idea. Especially if you do it often enough.

Thanks a bunch! Yes, I was worried about the dreaded C (catbolism) after long intense sessions.