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Insulin Spikes/Artificial Sweetener

people keep saying AS cause insulin spikes so they make you fat like sugar??

but I"ve heard differently too…anyone know where to find good info on this??

Good info. No info both ways yes. I aint buying it. I can see it if ones boy was/is used to High amounts of plian sugary foods. then just the taste may trigger a response to the sugar/AS until the body catches on. Our bodies are great little adaptive machines cant trick them for to long before the learn the answer.

Thats my take.

one girl told me she is diabetic and uses Splenda and has checked her insulin while using it and it does not affect it…

The search engine is a useful tool.

That research has already been done. There is no cephalic response to artificial sweetneers, so even if it tastes sweet, there is no insulin secretion in response to it.


that is what I thought

but question -why are people going on and on about it making you fat

I think why this myth has propegated is because some foods that claim to be sugar free contain sugar alcohols that DO affect blood sugar. In general sugar alcohols will add about 2 kcals per gram, although Malitol is the exception…it adds 4 kcals per gram. This is why the calorie count is off on a lot of artificially sweetened energy bars. Malitol will also affect blood sugar…it has a GI of about 50.

Also, the little packets of splenda contain maltodextrin as a filler. That also has calories an affects blood sugar slightly.

[quote]sparkyisadog wrote:
that is what I thought

but question -why are people going on and on about it making you fat[/quote]

Because people need something to blame and can’t possibly comprehend that them being fat is their own fault.

Ok I just read the ingredient list on all the Splenda-the packs and the bulk kind-both have Maltodexterin powder as the first ingredient and dextrose too

it doesn’t list carbs becuase a “serving” (BS) is considered a teaspoon

does this mean we shouldn’t eat it? I eat about a cup a week of this stuff of the bulk kind

eat it if you want…just count it as having some calories.

sucralose(splenda) is approximately 600 times sweeter than sucrose. You have to understand that it would be difficult to use splenda if it was pure sucralose. If you wanted to substitute a tablespoon of sugar in a recipe with sucralose you would have to somehow measure 1/600 of a tbsp, good luck, its probably about 100 crystals or so, haha.

on the other hand you could just throw in a tablespoon and overpower the recipe.

keep in mind sucralose can offset the osmotic balance in your large intestine(increase more water in your feces) if you do have it quite often, this can give you gas and diarrhea, but this does not happen with everyone it seems so take this lightly.

Splenda has dextrose and maltodextrin as filler.

Equal/Nutrasweet (aspartame) and Sweet ‘n’ Low (saccharin) also contain the same products as fillers. Note that the amounts of these fillers do not even amount to one gram of carbohydrate per packet/serving, BUT these are the same glucose polymers that we use postworkout
for a quick insulin SURGE! (In doses 100 times what comes in one packet…)

Interesting tidbit (from Wikipedia):

[quote] Wikipedia yada yada:
In Canada, where saccharin is currently banned except for diabetic use only, the artificial sweetener used in Sweet’N Low is cyclamate. Ironically, cyclamate is banned in the United States. Both bans extend from the same set of experimental results from the 1960s in which a blend of saccharin and cyclamate was linked to bladder cancer in animal test subjects. The results were inconclusive and the US and Canada ended up each banning one of the two products.

Dan “Waiting for the research that says that Splenda gives babies AIDS” McVicker

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