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Insulin Spiker


Ok so i've just recently lost 140 pounds, and im getting pretty jacked. I've just recently heard about the insulin spike before workout and its benefits. I've been eating a cookie or two about 5-10 minutes before workout, but what are some good insulin boosters preworkout?

Becuase idk just the thought of eating a junk food again is scary for me. any thoughts?


You could just use Surge pre and post.


Look up dextrose or waxy maize



It's called Surge. Look at the Biotest store.


Read these two articles on post-workout nutrition:

Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle - Part 1

Solving the Post-Workout Puzzle - Part 2

After that, read up on why Surge kicks so much ass:


And finally, go back and read anything else by John Berardi to square away the rest of your nutrition plan.



Can't go wrong with Surge!


Yea stay away from cookies preworkout, junk food will just slow you down...


Try using fructose or other fast acting sugar. You can find them in the diabetic section of CVS or any drug store.

Plus they are delicious.


Fructose is not fast acting.

You were thinking of glucose, which is mad expensive at CVS and comes in tablets.

Buy Dextrose online for dirt cheap.


Glucose and dextrose are the same thing.


Right. And I never said they weren't different. I said you can buy glucose tabs at CVS, not powdered glucose. The tabs are made for diabetics to test their blood sugar and come in 2-5g increments. If you like spending a shit ton of money to eat 20 pills after working out be my guest.