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Insulin Spike Help?


anyone know a for sure store that can sell dextrose? i've checked out tons of stores and can't find any, i bought maltodextrin recently but i'm out and am broke as shit!

also i've heard protein can cause an insulin spike, is there a certain amount needed to spark the insulin spike?



Pretty sure only a carbohydrate causes insulin spikes...

Choose something on the GI scale thats high GI like Glucose.


Plenty of cheap foods on there.


I believe leucine causes an insulin spike, but protein alone isn't as effective as carbs/protein...If you can't find anything in a store, get a high gi food like cream of rice or even low-fat poptarts, lol.


From the Exercise Physiology background I have and research I like to read this topic does raise a lot of questions. Some argue that an immediately insulin spike will trigger off the GH levels in the body which is a huge mistake. The hypothalamic nucleus, which causes secretion of growth hormone-releasing hormone, is the same area of the hypothalamus which is known to be sensitive to blood glucose concentrations. So in other words, some researchers or guru's say that insulin spike post-workout is basically counter productive. However,IMO, the benefits of a high GI food/drink immediately after intense exercise is beneficial only to people who train either fasted or semi-fasted, such as myself (IF diet). If you eat a pre-workout (complex carbs)and take the proper supplements (sports drinks?) during exericse then going into a catabolic state is unlikely and the need for an insulin spike post-workout is not needed.


You cant possible have a 1000+ post on here and think that...


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OP, if you're broke as shit get a bag of table sugar at your local grocery store. That will work.

And insulin spikes from protein and carbs are dose dependant, with the GI of the latter being another variable.


^^Is this true? Is there any definitive in "Pre wo + peri wo carbs" VS "post wo carbs" ?

I eat oats an hour before wo...take BCAAs w/sportdrink peri wo and then waxy maize/leucine post wo....am I over killing the Carbs? ???



also to everyone else thanks for the tips, i'm trying to find something like dextrose because i train bjj 4-5times a week along with lifting 3x a week, but thanks for the tips!


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You mean arcuate nucleus?


Yes growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) and somatostatin neurons are found in the arcuate nucleus; but GHRH immunoreactive neurons in the arcuate nucleus project to the preiventricular hypothalamic nucleus. Virtually it means the same thing; both are located in the hypothalamus!


So which carbs are less beneficial? Pre , peri or post?


Well I'm not on a cut by any means. But I was hoping to atleast lean out for the summer. I was basically bulking and lost what v taper I had. Due to my fast metabolism I have a fear of losing muscle. So stuff like pre wo, post wo, morning and bedtime feedings confuse me. It such a double edge sword...lose muscle or gain fat. I guess I was trying to cover all bases with Pre, Peri and Post Carbs. I just knew my workouts lacked before I started eating oats/carbs prior to training. Caffeine wasn't enough. Should I scrap my peri Wo BCAA's and Carbs? My workouts usually are no more than 1 hr and 15 minutes and that includes warming up. Is post Carbs necessary or can I get away with protien and leucine?

BBB -any advice is appreciated.


IMO, pre workout carbs are the least beneficial.


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My reasoning isn't based off of book learning, because my "book learning"/BBer guidelines say pre-workout is important. From the athletes/lifters I've worked with world class powerlifters, olympic lifters, high school & college athletes I've noticed that pre-workout carbs for them are non-relevant even though conventional wisdom says other wise.

I love the sport of bodybuilding and have trained with a few myself; but all the gym rats I talk to are trying to follow a Jay Cutler/Branch Warren routine of nutritional habits. They have to realize that the NON-tested bbers (prohormone users) can get away with more than the average person.


So I take it you think post workout carbs are least beneficial (assuming of course you have pre and peri nutrition in order)?


I don't really want to weigh in here, as most of this is above my head/experience...
But isn't the important thing just whether they are beneficial or not? Not which is least beneficial.



Just my thoughts here, but one of you is training BBers, and the other strength/power athletes. BBers, IMO lean more toward the glycolytic energy system(more carb dependent), while the other is ATP-CP system. So both of your methods make sense for the demographic they're being used for.