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Insulin Signaling and Macro Ratios


Recently, there has been a lot of discussion about carb intake and insulin's effect on fat storage, so I thought I would post this study.


Basically, the study shows how varying macro ratios can lead to different results in terms of insulin signaling in muscle or adipose tissue.

The group fed a high carb:low protein meal had significantly greater insulin signaling in fat tissue. Whereas, the group fed a Moderate carb:High protein meal had significantly greater insulin signaling in muscle tissue and little in adipose tissue.

This suggests that the ratio of protein:carb in a meal plays a major role in the partitioning of those nutrients in the body.


cool, thx


Awesome info. Thats why you never eat just carbs. Protein is so tasty I don't know why anyone wouldn't always want protein with their carbs.



It also leads to the discussion of what is the ideal ratio of protein:carbs per meal...like what level allows one to get max benefit of carb intake for the muscle cells whilst limiting insulin signaling in the fat cells...

i believe she is probably going to follow up and try to figure that out in her next paper.


I hope she does. That could be some very useful information. Especially combining that with some of the insulin sensitivity techniques that were discussed in recent article and in previous articles on this site.