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Insulin Sensitivity


I’ve recently realized I’m very carb sensitive and am trying to find a way to best put on muscle mass/weight gain while minimizing the carb sensitivity.

I had begun Chris Shugarts’ Quality Mass Diet, and based on my stats (5’8" 165), began consuming about 3300 calories a day. But I realized I had to cut back on carbs, yet still wanted to get the weight up.

So, I’ve drastically reduced my carb intake (except for PWO shake), eating all P & F meals. I’ve maintained the 3300 calorie intake as before.

DOes this sound like a logical way of managing the carb issue while still attempting to put weight/muscle mass on?

I was wondering if age also may play a factor into this (I’m 46 years old).
Thanks to anyone who can offer advice.

Why do you think you’re carb sensative?

You might try your PWO drink AND the next solid meal (within 2-3 hours of the workout) being P+C, then go back to P+F meals.

Are you getting your Omega-3s?

Have you tried a test booster? As we get older and produce less test we can soften up a bit.

Sounds like you know what you are doing, but figured I’d throw these out there for consideration.

Consider doing some blood sugar testing before and after meals, if you haven’t already. you can get the meters pretty cheap now. probably around $50 for a meter and 50 strips…