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Insulin sensitivity

Metformin is a biguanide anti-diabetic agent given orally. Although the exact mechanisms of action aren’t known, it’s thought to work by either increasing insulin sensitivity and increasing glucose transport across cell membrane in skeletal muscle and/or by delaying absorption of glucose from the gastrointestinal tract. A benefit is that it won’t cause a gain in fat, since it doesn’t sensitize fat tissue. BTW, I have a question for the t-mag readers. Would you rather have me do an article on the supplements and drugs that can affect insulin sensitivity, or how you can affect them via dietary methods plus how you can estimate how sensitive you are without even using a glucose monitor! Or, do you want a combo of the two? You tell me, I’m here for you! Thanks!

I’d like to know how to tell if i have poor insulin sensitivity and what i can do about it through diet and supplements.

Cy, both, even if you need to make it a two-part series, though I hate waiting another week. I think 99% of the problems associated with fat-loss/muscle-gain have to do with insulin response. Do you also do personal consults?

Cy, I would like to see articles covering both aspects of
insulin sensitivity (diet and supplements/drugs). I think
both aspects apply to me and would apply to many people
who read T-mag. I think the best way to work it would be to
have the first article about diet techniques and how to
determine your insulin sensitivity, and have the second
article on how you can use supplements and drugs to control
insulin sensitivity. This seems to be a natural split and
progression of info. I think this is worth two articles
because this is a very important topic.

Okay then guys, I’ll do both. I’ll try to get them done ASAP. Do I do personal consulting? Sure, if you want more info on my “buffet” style of consultation, contact me at cywillson@hotmail.com If it’s info that you want, and not advice, I can’t and won’t charge for that. Just don’t bombard me too much!

CY, def. all that you can tell us but if I had to choose then tell us how we can control the insulin by the diet. Then this apply’s to everyone because not everyone chooses to do drugs or can afford them. Thanks

Cy, I too am interested in a two-part series if possible. However, I do think that the diet part should be first. thanks!

Cy, add to that liver benefits as well, possibly by decreasing hepatic glucose production. Metformin also enhances endothelial function and lowers blood pressure.
Metformin and ACE inhibitors are very underrated in their health benefits.

Cy, writing an article on a) determining one’s status on the IS continuum b) how to properly interpret the results and how to act accordingly would be an extremely decent, kind and humane thing to do. There are propably thousands of us wondering whether we’re insensitive or not. If we could verify our status I think it would be a great step forward for everyone in terms of motivation etc. I thank you in advance, you rule!

Cy, If you could also throw in some sort of update on the drugs available (that directly increase insulin sensitivity)and if there are any health risks involved with using them, such as the new one (Prozac I believe). Can it really be bad for the liver? Why in the hell to people want to take insulin if high insulin levels are bad for fat loss?