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Insulin sensitivity

I have been extremely interested as of lately in increasing my insulin sensitivity to control blood glucose levels! I have been researching a couple of products so far and would like opinions on some things, but first of all just to clear somethings up, I already take alpha lipoic acid at 250mg before carb type meals and 750mg before cheat type meals. But without further or do here is the list I am wondering on: SAN “Loaded”, AST “Vanadyl multi complex Powder”(this one sounds quite good), BIOCHEM “glucolean.” Well let me know what you all think about these products! thanks.

Try Bromocriptine,nothing comes close to increasing insulin sensitivity.I eat whatever I want and dont think twice.i cut out pasta years ago because it makes me fat but with bromo,I can eat it every day,a few times a day.Look in to it.Its cheaper and WAY more effective than supplements.

But it’s hard to find.

Bromo? I have heard of it, but I have no clue or idea where to even start with things of that nature. I have no contacts or sources… or even leads. I will definately look in to it. Cany you give a quick description of exactly what it’s supposed to be? legal? a steroid or something else? thanks.

Could you give some details on your use (dosage, frequency, method of administration, reaction, etc) of bromocriptine? How did you learn about it?

I looked it up on the net and several sites claim it lowers GH levels, alleviates amenorrhoea (may increase menses in “normal” cases?), induces ovulation “Bromocriptine may restore fertility when used in the lowest dose possible to control symptoms, and if pregnancy is not desired during therapy, barrier contraceptive measures should be used” and PMS symptoms in women.

I am assuming you are male and these issues don’t pertain to you. Are you aware of any women taking bromocriptine? If so, what are their experiences? Do you have any resources that I would find beneficial?


Theres an E-book witten by Lyle McDonald on Bromocriptine,at $20 it is well worth it.The book is not for begginers but will give you a good indication of why we get fat and what we can do about it.May I suggest this program;do a keto diet and get down to a weight that your happy with,then go on Bromo.This will allow you to eat “normal” without regaining to much weight.Let us know how you do.