insulin sensitivity

Is one’s insulin sensitivity genetically determined to any degree?
obviously with poor eating etc. one’s insulin sensitivity can be worsened, but to a degree, is insulin sensitivity at all genetically influenced?
i.e., would the rate at one’s level of nutrient partitioning be determined genetically through such mechanisms as insulin sensitivity?
Ex: we discussed in a prevoius thread what ones ratio of fat to muscle gain is when then bulk; independent of eating (macro ratios, kcal totals) how much of the variation in human difference can be explained by genetically determined factors such as one’s set rate of inuslin sensitivity (if such a thing exists).

Genetics have a lot to do with it but this doesn’t mean you cant override the genetics by eating and/or training in a certain way. For example if everyone in your family is predisposed or already has type II diabetes and youre naturally quite hefty there’s very little chance you’re going to be able to reach your bodybuilding goals by eating a typical high carb diet. But start eating a 50% pro 30% fat 20% carb diet and suddenly you’ve basically taken a big step in the insulin sensitivity problem…make sense?

Kelly -

There was a very large thread awhile back regarding type II diabetes that got very technical (beyond my comprehension). I believe it was Free Extrapolation (??) who was making the argument that type II diabetics simply switching to a low-carb lifestyle is not a viable way to control their affliction.

But in your post here, you suggest that someone who is predisposed to diabetes can greatly improve their chances of not getting it by going lower carb. I know there’s a big difference between some who is at risk and one who already has it, but I’m wondering if you knew why it wouldn’t work for an existing diabetic? Sorry Vain, I’m really not trying to hijack your thread here. :wink:


It will work for an existing diabetic…well at least some. Have a look at this series of articles:

As for Free Extropians comment that going on a low carb diet might not be the “ideal” way to control insulin sensitivity problems he is right but the large majority of the population is not going to take the necessary steps to control their insulin sensitivity problems while still eating a significant amount of calories from carbohydrates. Going on a lower 20% carb diet is still enough carbs to avoid ketosis (afterall on a 2000 calorie diet that’s still 100 grams of carbs which should be plenty for the typical sedentary american) yet probably few enough to somewhat effectively bypass the insulin problem.

despite my normal efforst with fishoil and low gi carbs and massive eatin i always tend to put on toom uch fat when bulkin… right now i am on week 2 of the anabolic diet, so far so good.

This seems like a question who’s answer really wont matter. Lets say your right and insulin sensitivity is a genetic trait. Not much you can do about that. Rather then look at macro nutrient profiling, why not look at overall lifestyle. Average Americans are flat out lazy. They eat like shit and look for easy way outs. Like Tom Hanks said in the movie “A League Of Their Own,”… “Its supposed to be hard, the hard is what makes it great…” Quick fixes and shortcuts are the MO of most American people. Deny it if you like, but the truth does hurt. What I am getting at is people doing all the small things right. All the little steps people overlook have a bigger impact on overall outcome then just 1 aspect.