Insulin Sensitivity

I was at a Biosignature conference a few months ago and remember Coach Poliquin mentioning that we are more insulin sensitive in the evenings rather than in the mornings. Can anyone expand on this?

Before the seminar I always remember reading the opposite. I know he is a huge advocate of meat&nut breakfast and have noticed that some of his dietary recommendations call for acceptable carbs in the evening hours. Just wanted some more info on this topic. Thanks

I can only speak out of personal experience here, but I think he may be right. I’ve noticed that I gain less fat when I eat a late breakfast/early lunch consisting of eggs and veggies only. I only eat three meals. The second is around 4 to 6PM depending on my scheduel. Here I add potatoes to whatever protein source I eat, and of course more veggies. The last I eat around 23PM. It’s a mixture of cottage cheese, berries, cacao powder, fruits, a moderate amount of nuts and a whey shake with probiotic milk. I find that the carbs from the fruits and berries make me sleep better.
Last year it was more the other way around and I had a higher meal frequency. That is carbs came early, fats came late, although I did not separate them completely, and am still not “anal” about that. Calories were roughly the same. This year I weigh around 12 pounds less while bulking. I’m a little stronger, and I look better in the mirror. Take it for what it’s worth.

Needless to say I also eat carbs around training, which is usually in the early afternoon.

I’ve noticed a definite body comp improvement by taking carbs in later in the day…

This article over at EliteFTS has some interesting ideas -

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