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Insulin Response

Hi everyone I was hoping I could get some help. I have read around and found that although some foods have a low GI they give you a huge insulin spike ex. Milk. Aside from the nutritional aspect I have found that eating foods that spike my insulin like milk, white bread, sugar,& candy tend to break out, do to the overproduction of sebum when my insulin spikes.

Are there any charts that can give me info on what foods spike your insulin?

O r is there something I can take to keep my nsulin from spiking? I mean honestly I have eaten a bowl of rice krispies and broken out the next day.

Stop eating over-processed junk food like Rice Krispies.

Seriously, it’s not too hard to figure out which foods you should avoid if you want to keep insulin levels in check.

I used that as an extreme example of what happens. I am more interested in finding out which foods low on the GI cause a big insulin response like Milk and Rice. How do you know?

Google Insulin Index

[quote]bw1985 wrote:
Google Insulin Index[/quote]

I did there is not a list or anything. Mendosa.com is the only one with some sort of list but even that is small.

there hasn’t been any extensive research done on it and i think that’s why you’re having trouble finding something on google. i have similar question about relationship of GI to II and an ACTUAL INDEX but i haven’t found a list or database like the one that exists for GI values.

just gotta keep on truckin’ i guess

Is it true that black tea and cinnamon can lower the GI of a meal?

Ive heard cinnamon can increase insulin sensitivity, a good thing.