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Insulin Resistance

Reading John Berardi’s & Cy Wilson’s articles on Insulin gives you an thorough education on the insulin beast. However, I’m still at a loss as to how to tame my insulin resistance( I seem to be very resistant by my low bodyfat levels everywhere else except my lovehandles and lo back area)this is supposed to be an sure indication of insulin resistance. John states that lo carb and hi fat diets can decrease insulin sensitivity,hence the reason that none of his trainess go on lo carb diets. Yet I can actually see a difference in my love handle area and lo back area when I consume whole grains,even in limited amounts(I know it sounds foolish).I tried John’s massive eating approach and this is the problem I’m having.
Switched to a hi protein and hi fat diet and lost some bodyfat but felt flat most of the time, and the lovehandles didn’t exectly disappear. I posted this in essence cause I know many of you guys have the same problems.Are some of us too insulin resistant ,if there is such a thing ,and what do we do about it,since both appraoches don’t seem to work . John and Cy, I think you met your match here as far as insulin resistance is concerned.

Go to your doctor and have him check you for diabetes. If you come up negative, ask him if you came up as insulin resistant or borderline. If so, drugs may be your only answer. Also, give Massive Eating a chance, it may be water retention your are talking about when first consuming carbs (this is what happens to me when I come off low carb) but it will go away.