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Insulin Resistance


I used to go overseas every year for a month at a time and drink copious amount of beer and any other kind of alcoholic beverage I could get my hands on. By the time the month was up my belly got huge yet my friends (who drank heavy also) hadn't put on much weight at all.Therefore I assume that it is safe to say that I am insulin resistant. I have also been a heavy drinker for the past 6 yrs and recently traded the booze for a gym membership and have lost most of my belly.

If I am insulin resistant do I need to take a specific approach to carb intake? Do I need more or less carbs to promote max protein synthesis?


You can't simply make the assumption that because you seemingly drank the same volume of alcohol as your friends that your calorific intake equalled theirs. For example, the subtle differences in food choice adds up, you may have chosen to consume more than them without thinking about it and therefore probably not remembering it. Unless you record everything you and they consume, you shouldn't compare yourself to them.

I advise that you actually go to a doctor and confirm if you're insulin resistant or not.


You've only had5 posts so I don't know your level of experience but I thought I'd just let you know that my test results just come through and your right... I am not insulin resistant :slight_smile:
I must just be thirstier than my fellow drinking companions.