Insulin Question

If I am on a mass gaining cycle using Androsol and Humulin-R, Should I use the insulin once or twice per day? Bill R advised to eat every 2 hours after the insulin use - what ratio of carbs to protein should I ingest in those meals?

Many of the athletes Ive worked with have been advised to use the insulin one to two times per day. One way that Ive seen to be really effective in putting on mass is to use the Humulin first thing in the morning just as you wake up. Then immediately drink a beverage containing 50g of carbs and 50g of protein. Then, based on glycemic response, eat breakfast 1hr to 1.5 hrs later. This meal should contain at least 100g of carbs and 50 more grams of protein. The rest of the day should consist of 5 meals of at least 50g of protein with carbs every 2 hrs. This is a non-training day. On training days, add one insulin injection immediately post workout with 100g of carbs and 50g of protein. Then eat again 1 - 1.5 hrs later a meal of 50+protein and 100 carbs. One suggestion is to ALWAYS carry some high carb beverage in case your blood glucose crashes. If you don’t you might mis-time the insulin and meal and crash and potentially die. This course should only be followed for about 2-4 weeks max. Then get off the insulin. If there were any effects on insulin sensitivity then perhaps stacking taking some type of glucose disposal agent like ALA for insulin sensitivity might help in coming off. Another approach might just be to take the insulin after workouts as recommended. It all depends on how many risks you are willing to take.

I would use Humalog insulin. It has a quicker action and is out of your system faster.(safer?) Bill, what are your reasons for using a longer acting insulin? Make sure you have some high glycemic carbs handy just in case…

JD, what I should have said is, of the Humulins, the Humulin R is the only one that should be used: it’s the fastest acting, shortest duration of the group. Humalog is a new type of insulin that indeed is faster and is another good choice. A better choice certainly for an evening injection.