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Insulin Question :)


First off I'd like to say hi and that I've been reading this forum for over a year now and it's been a great help

First off my stats are 6 ft 212 at 13% on the hand held bf machine. I've been using gear on and off since I was about 19. Trust me I know that was too young! I'm 25 now and have gone through just about 10 cycles using test tren deca eq dbol sdrol adrol ect. So I've just started my most recent cyle and using insulin for the first time . I'm using humalog along side dbol test and deca. My question is what is the best way or is there any way to really minimize fat a lot of fat gain while running it aside from the obvious eating clean and cardio?

My cycle is

375mg test e e3d
300mg deca e3d
25mg dbol ed first 4 weeks
7ius humalog pre workout on training days
.5 arimidex eod

Here is my diet

Meal one

1.5 cups steel oats
4 whole eggs
4oz steak
1/2 avocado

Meal 2
1 cup brown rice
8oz chicken
Spinach and peppers

Meal 3
2 pieces of Ezekiel bread
8oz chicken
1/2 avocado
Fat free Italian dressing and siaracha

Meal 4 pre workout shake
7ius humalog
60g of karbolyn
30g hydrolyzed protein
5g creatine
5g leucine
1g vitamin c
I also take my dbol and pre workout at this time

Meal 5 Pwo shake

Same as above minus the creatine and vitamin c

Meal 6
8 oz of either stake or chicken
8 oz sweet potato

Meal 7

Protein shake with oats before bed

Lmk what u think if there is anyway to maximize gains and minimize fat loss and and thoughts to my insulin shake would be much appreciated as well. Sorry also i do my Cadiz before I workout just 20- 30 on the stair mill slow and steady not hitt then I pin my humalog is there any issue with that? Thanks on advance for all the help! Look forward to everyone's insight !!


Bump… I feel like even after 4 days I’ve gained fat!


The biggest issue in this regard is that insulin sensitivity will decrease when taking insulin. This causes the body to have more tendency to gain fat.

However, if you burn more than you take in, fat won’t be gained. Sufficient physical work with diet staying within what you’re burning can allow even losing fat while using insulin. Though that’s not the best way to lose fat.

Your 7 IU pre-workout on training days value is moderate and shouldn’t be too much of an issue regarding the above, though there will be some effect.

Your diet sure doesn’t look like something that would put on noticeable fat in 4 days, if ever. I’d think you’d be fine for fat loss with that diet if your overall physical work is reasonable.

I would change your around-workout carb timing though.

Muscle uptake of nutrients is never better than while you’re working out. Why not use it as a time to get positive balance into the muscles rather than fail to meet what’s being burned?

Yet routinely someone takes for example 360 calories (60 g carbs, 30 g protein) for a workout that burns more than that.

Post workout, not as valuable as immediately pre and during workout.

I’d aim for focusing low-osmolality carb and hydrolyzed protein intake to pre and during workout nutrition rather than having half of it afterwards. And 100 g total carbs for that is plenty, not that 120 is hugely greater than that, but 100 total could well be enough.

I didn’t add calories but if anything this overall plan seems low, even where wanting to hold fat the same or even to cut slightly. Did you figure a total? Also total fat seems very low, though that would depend on the particular steaks – this can be gotten away with on a steroid cycle, but would be a problem natural.

I didn’t understand your Humalog timing exactly but so long as you have your protein and carb intake after it, or shortly before, it’s fine.


Your actually eating oats at breakfast? Thats pretty incredible. I never touch more than 30 or so grams in the morning, especialy not from something that slow burning. If I was you, drop that oats. Keep the protein and fat high for that first meal, as high as you can. Just a quick fat burning tip. Your body’s already in a fat burning state upon rising. If you haven’t listen to B-Pak, better start doing some reading up. Other than that, nice meal plan!! Jealous…I’m literally eating 3-4 oz chicken 2-3x day, at my main meals. (only afford 1 shake a day lol)


Keep the oats in the morning. Like bill said I think you could get away with eating more carbs. Gaining fat is calories in to calories out for the most part anyway. If i were to eat the amount of carbs you have layed out i would lose fat rapidly regardless of what im taking and were roughly the same size. You aren’t going to just become a fat ass just because your taking insulin. You will hold water taking it so don’t let that fool you as fat gain


@ bill … I take my insulin after I do about 25 min ofcardio (stairmaster) and immediately drink my karbolyn shake. I was like I stated before having my first shake with 100 g of carbs and 30g of hydrolyzed whey and an hour later having the same post workout. I switched it to 3 shakes one pre intra and post contain I ng 33g of carbs in each lacing creatine ect… and protein post and pre about 10 min after yhe csrb shake . Didn’t get any signs of getting hypo but the pumps are intense for sure. U also said my macros seem low. What do you think I should shoot for? I always seem to have trouble reaching my fats lol


Oh and I bumped it to 10ius of humalog


Even if wanting to cut fat, at your weight, bodyfat, and age I’d be consuming 2400 cal/day minimum. For some, but non-optimal, muscle gains with what should be no fat gain, I’d be looking at 3000 calores.

To keep fat gain low while really improving muscle gain relative to the above, I probably wouldn’t go over 4000 calories.

I didn’t add up your calories and so don’t have an accurate idea of where you fit in that spectrum, but at a glance it looked low.

You don’t have to really worry about particular fat numbers when on a cycle. Without steroids, one of the reasons that 30-40% calories from fat is good is that this helps support natural T production, with the 40% at least in many instances doing so a little better than the 30%. When using steroids, that’s irrelevant, and carb intake can improve gains more than fat intake, for same calories, so a lower percentage fat intake is fine. It still shouldn’t be banned or anything like that, but it can be allowed to drift to a lower end such as 20%.