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Insulin question for Bill, Brock or any other vets.

I am thinking of using insulin following my next cycle to help keep gains. Should I use metformin(glucophage) in combination with the insulin? If so how should the timing go? I want to try and get my hands on some humalog because it only lasts about 2 hours, if not I will get humulin-r. Thanks in advance.

First of all, using insulin while on an anabolic cycle is much more effective than while off. You will put both fat and muscle on with insulin in normal circumstances. For the first week or two, it will be mostly muscle, but after about 7-14 days, your muscles will become insulin resistant while the fat cells will become even more sensitive, making you fatter. When coming off a cycle, you’re not going to gain much muscle from the insulin so the ratio of muscle/fat gain will be low. So coming off a cycle onto insulin will most likely lead to alot of bodyfat gain and very little muscle retention. When on insulin, though, metformin, ALA, and any other muscle insulin senstivity agents will be beneficial to prevent insensitivity. Coming up soon, I’ve refereed a fat roundtable which will talk about some amazing properties of fats on insulin sensitivity.

Oh yeah, and I’m assuming that youre aware of the risks of insulin use. If you do decide to use it, humulin r or lispro (which is faster acting than regular insulin) are the best bets. And carry a carb drink wherever you go…no matter what. It’s better to have a carb drink on the bed post than die during “the act”.

Dave, while Humalog is a nice item, it’s prescription-only (at least it is where I live.) Whereas Humulin R requires no prescription. Because insulin needs to be refrigerated,
I would definitely not want to get it anywhere but from the
pharmacy itself. So, no script, no Humalog…

Humulin R works fine though you should not inject late at
night, last injection preferably being six hours or more
before going to bed (and having meals right up until you
go to bed.)

you are well versed in endocrinology and have quite a bit
of experience knowing your tolerance for hypoglycemia.