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Insulin Q's and Don'ts


Purely out of curiosity have any of you regimented with insulin? Fast acting humalog, moderate humalin, or even glucohpage/metformin? If you did, why did you decide to do it? What did you notice? Was it pleasant and worth it? I couldn’t see myself ever wanting to do it but it definitely interests me and I love learning…would love to hear what you guys have experienced



Thanks for the response Andy. I would love to start a thread on this because I think it’s very important. Not only in regards to bodybuilding and the fact that it’s a staple for many top competitors and gym junkies alike, but it’s also out of concern for the safety of those considering using it. My thought are the same when it comes to PCT and or cruising and I think in synergy with small doses of GH could make either of those a very promising period. I have found little in the difference between benefits of pre or post workout as those would be my only intended use times. If im not mistaken humalog is a fast acting with two large spikes? requiring an immediate load of carbs/protein/maybe BCAA/EAA/glutamine/creatine/etc. and a spike following by roughly 60-90minutes requiring intraworkout fast acting carbs and a meal post workout?