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Insulin Produced in Brain?


Well it seems pretty simple to me how a type 1 diabetic could end up with type 2 diabetes and have “double diabetes” as they put it.

If the type 1 ends up eating a lot of crappy food, that requires a lot of insulin usage, they are essentially going the exact same route as a type 2 diabetic did in where a prolonged crappy diet which results in high amounts of insulin levels, can eventually lead to insulin resistance.

Being type 2 diabetic and ending up with type 1 diabetic symptoms, seems a bit more complicated but also makes sense to me. Over secretion of insulin from years of crappy eating damages the insulin producing cells of the pancreas, eventually it could get to the point where they are damaged enough that they produce little to none insulin. This would leave the person with insulin resistance, and very little insulin produced by the body, or as the article puts it “double diabetes”.

The bottom line out of both of these scenarios is EAT HEALTHIER.

…and I am not sure what you are referring to in the title of your post with Insulin Produced in the Brain… I didn’t see that in the article… but maybe I missed it.

sorry, posted the wrong link

news to me =0 , It’s probably very minor just like how the adrenals can produce some T (up to 5% ish)