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Insulin Pins


When I’m shooting with insulin pins, I take out the stopper and fill from the back like you guys said to. Then I bleed out the air bubble. The air bubble does not go completely out though. It gets really small, then the tren starts coming out. I figure that this is because the needle is too small but I’m not sure. I’ve been shooting with the small air bubble left in the top. Am I taking a huge risk? I know guys have said that it takes as many as 10 ccs of air to be injected into a vein before it can harm you, but I want to ask any opinions.

no risk. even though it is very hard for a insulin pin to break into a vein, I would still aspirate to be safe, not becuase if the tiny air bubble, but becuase you dont want to inject into a vein.

Nothing to worry about. You’ll be fine.

you think the pin is too small for air to come out? but the oil is coming out? am i reading this right or is this possibly the dumbest human being alive?

C’mon drago, lighten up. I’m saying almost all of the air bubble vents just like with larger pins. But a tiny bubble always remains no matter how far up I push the plunger. The tren comes through and the tiny bubble stays so I just shoot it with the tiny bubble and all.

Jeff, if you think 10cc of air in a vein won’t harm you, then know that 1cc of oil in a vein could possibly fucking KILL you. You are looking for an embolism. Please, PLEASE DO NOT INJECT ANYTHING into a vein or major artery.

And another thing, why are you using insulin syringes to poke Tren? Use a 22 or 23 gauge needle.

And lastly, I have NO idea why some around here are so afraid to use the same needle to inject and withdrawl the chemical from the vial. Insulin needles are SO thin, you don’t even FEEL it!

Heck, in my early days (before I understood the proper injection protocol), I used to use the same needle to withdrawl AND inject, and it was a 22 gauge too! Mind you I might have caused more scar tissue, but I sure as heck wasn’t a pussy about a little prick.

fuck that, use an 18G be a man for crists sake!

I agree with using insulin needles. Injecting a litte air intramuscularly isn’t a big deal, But always be sure to aspirate. I drew blood two days in a row last week, so it can happen at anytime.

If you are lean enough, you can use insulin needles for just about any oil, at any site. It causes less residual pain and less scar tissue development, which means better workouts.

lol mdog. thats like saying use a harpoon. and yes jeff i agree i was a little harsh. my apologies. there is no need to be concerned about the air bubble. i will give you a tip that will make your injection procedure must easier. next time you buy hardware, buy 3cc barrels and whatever size pins you want. i like 25g for sites and 22g for glutes. the barrels will come with a luever lock which will allow you to draw up with one pin, nice and clean. then switch and inject with a fresh one. this will eliminate much of the air from your barrel. dont sweat the tiny little bubbles. i have injected quite a few i am sure and i am still kicking. maybe mildly retarded but i am still licking.

Insulin pins - difficult to penetrate an vein WTF??? What is it you suppose heroin users do?

Be very careful particularly with an insulin needle, (actually all injections,) as a lot of the veins are shallow and its more likely that an 1/2 pin would remain in the vein rather then protrude through the other side skewering it entirely. If you inject into a vein your not gonna care much whether its oil or air. Both are gonna fuck you up. 90% of the time that I aspirate blood its with an insulin pin. Not that it happens very often but better be safe then sorry for sure…

spook, that was something I read here awhile back from a vet. Someone who was in the medical field. So I could be wrong, but I still said aspirate. didnt I? Sorry, never paid much attention to heroin users and what pins they use, I would rather not know.

Don’t worry bro, I wasn’t sweatin ya. I’d rather not know too, just a knowledge which was formed as a function of my earlier days.

I appreciate the advice and have been aspirating. So far, I haven’t drawn any blood.