Insulin Pins

Hey gang,

The normal protocol when injecting is to draw with one needle, then change the pin and poke with the fresh needle. This is so you have a perfectly sharp pin for the poke. However, with insulin pins (At least the ones I’ve seen). The pin is fixed and cannot be changed. Is there a special insulin syringe out there that has a pin you can change??

Pull the plunger out of the back of the one you want to inject with, and fill it up.

You don’t worry about contamination that way??

What contamination? You suck air in the damn thing sometimes. Stop being so naive here.

Depends on what you’re drawing out of. With Insulin pins, I don’t worry about them being a little dull.

i simply buy barrels by the bag full then get boxes of the desired pins. this way i can put the solution in 1 barrel and attach any size pin i want. from 18g to 30g. doesnt matter. or if i am doing multiple injections of the same solution, i can switch pins in between shots. and to top it all, my way saves waste which saves money.